The leopard cub which was rescued from a trap in Banswada reserve forest on Monday, has escaped from clutches of death, unlike seven of its ilk over the last one year. The female cub is recovering at the Nehru Zoological Park, from the injury to her right fore paw, which got trapped in the snare.

Cutator of the zoo Shivani Dogra has said the cub is on the road to recovery, and consuming milk and chicken, which indicates that she has recovered from the shock of the capture. She is kept under observation at the in-patient section of the zoo. According to zoo veterinarians, the age of the cub is assessed to be less than one year, and she is surmised to have been separated from her mother. It may take two to three months for the cub to recover totally, officials say. It is yet to be decided if she would be set free in a forest after recovery or kept at zoo, as she has not attained the age when she could hunt and survive on her own in the wild, Ms. Dogra said.

The cub was spotted ensnared by villagers near a canal of Nizam Sagar project on Monday morning. A special rescue team from the zoo, led by zoo’s Assistant Director (Veterinary) M. A. Hakeem, rushed to the location, and captured the cub through chemical immobilisation. It was not a snare routinely placed in fields by farmers to save crop from animals such as wild boar and deer. Instead, poaching appears to be the intention behind the snare.

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