The ongoing strike by lorry owners has adversely impacted industries spread across the district, a hub of many medium and large scale units.

In fact, for many industries it is a double whammy of sorts. On one hand they are facing a problem of raw material supply.

On the other there is stockpiling of their product. It is reported that even major industries are feeling the pinch.

“We are getting raw material from as far as Kerala. Due to the strike we are facing the problem with production. If the strike continues for a few more days, we may be forced to announce a lay off,” a representative of an industrial unit located in Sadashivapet said.

“We are facing the problem of raw material and we do not know when the strike will be called off. It has been a week and the pressure is increasing,” said the representative of another industrial unit in Pashamylaram.

Off-road parking

Late last night a large number of lorries carrying goods were stopped by agitators from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. and the driving licences of drivers were forcibly taken away from them. However, they were freed by morning. Recently, agitators broke window panes of a goods vehicle which has been transporting some material at Fasalwadi near here.

Moreover, the front and back yards of many petrol bunks are full with parked lorries.

“In Zaheerabad alone about 500 lorries were parked on the road side and other places. There might be around 1,500 lorries stalled across the district. It is expected that discussions may commence in New Delhi in a day or two,” said Isam, a representative of lorry drivers from Zaheerabad.

Meanwhile, former MLA and Congress leader T. Jayaprakash Reddy and Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) leader Beeraiah Yadav extended their support to the ongoing strike and participated in a
Vanta Varpu
(sit-in and cooking on the road) programme at Fasalwadi.

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