MGR Nagar Police on Wednesday arrested the manager of a travel firm, who in association with his owner, fraudulently mortgaged or sold cars hired from others.

The police said B.Yuvaraj, 30, a resident of Noombal, circulated a post in a portal for the sale of his car a few months ago.

On seeing the post, Shakthi Murugan, owner and Ramesh, manager of a travel firm, contacted Yuvaraj and convinced him to give the car on a monthly rental basis.

They also promised high returns. They failed to pay as promised and refused to return his car. After investigation, the police came to know that the duo had cheated a few others also. They took cars on a rental basis but sold or mortgaged the cars.

The police arrested Ramesh and are on the look out for Shakthi Murugan.

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