There has only been a marginal increase in enrolment in the State syllabus schools in the district this academic year despite a sustained campaign to increase the student strength in such schools.

In 2018-19, 17,596 students joined Class I in State, aided, and unaided schools imparting State syllabus when compared to 17,485 students the previous year, according to data released by the Education Department.

And the net rise in students from Class I to X showed an increase of 2,017 compared to the figures the previous year.

While the strength of students from Class I to X in State syllabus schools in the district in 2018-19 is 1,79,729, the figure last year was 1,77,712. There is no discernible increase in the number of students opting for State syllabus schools despite sustained efforts of local bodies, teachers’ organisations, and local people to streamline the public education system in select pockets in the district. “It appears that the officials concerned should ensure that the quality of education and discipline is given priority to ensure that more parents enrol their wards in the schools,” a retired principal said.

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