Pune The prices of all major vegetables, including greens, are down by at least 15 per cent as compared to last week, according to the produce price list at the Agricultural produce market committee (APMC) on Sunday.

On Sunday, APMC witnessed 200 trucks of vegetables being delivered, impacting the cost of peas, cucumber, ladies finger, cluster beans, ridge gourd and bitter gourd.

Cost of tomatoes stabilised at between Rs 60 -Rs 100 per 10 kg.“There is also low demand of vegetables due to the change in climate. This situation will continue for the next few weeks,” said Vilas Bhujbal, president, Chhatrapati Shivaji market yard traders’ and agents’ association, Pune.

On Sunday, prices of cluster beans went from between Rs 200 to Rs 330 per 10 kg, to Rs 180 – Rs 200 per 10 kg. Also prices of peas decreased from Rs 350 per 10 kg to Rs 300 per 10 kg.

Similarly, cucumber, ladies finger, ridge gourd and bitter gourd all dropped (see box)

Potatoes were sold at a slightly increased price as compared to last week. On Sunday, potatoes were sold at Rs 130 – Rs 170 per 10 kg. The cost of onions stabilised at Rs 100 – Rs 140 per 10 kg.

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