As we step inside a Chennai Metro Rail station, a deep voice of a woman greets the passengers with announcements on the next train’s departure.

Soon, every staff member you meet at the Shenoy Nagar station will be a woman.

Chennai Metro Rail plans to turn Shenoy Nagar into an all-women-run station within a week, sources said.

“Women are more efficient and much more responsible. We think this will be a great move and give a major boost to women employees. It may now seem like a trivial step, but moves like these play a great role in creating a larger impact,” a staff member said.

From heading the station to housekeeping, women will control every aspect of running this station, sources added.

Chennai Metro Rail Limited has 26 stations covering nearly 35 km. There is a mix of men and women staff in each station handling responsibilities such as issuing tickets, checking passengers, housekeeping and monitoring stations. But this will be the first time that a station will be completely run by women, an official said.

“We think it will greatly encourage women working here and give them a sense of pride,” he added.

As such, Chennai Metro Rail Limited has women drivers steering the trains.

“Also, we are taking extreme care to ensure no woman employee or passenger is harassed in our station. So far, we have not had any such case. The CCTVs are monitored meticulously throughout the day and the stations are well guarded too,” said an official added.

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