Former Governor and Finance Minister K. Sankaranarayanan on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of dividing Hindu society and prompting the Hindu community to think in a sectarian manner in order to retain power.

Addressing the annual conference of the pro-Congress Kerala Legislature Secretariat Association here after inaugurating it, Mr. Sankaranarayanan said the Sangh Parivar had scant regard for the Constitution and secular values and was deviously trying to degrade Hindu culture, which was known for its tolerance and values.

It was a fact that the Congress was weak, but it was the only party which had the capability to lead a joint Opposition platform against the BJP and its brand of communal politics. The former Finance Minister was also critical about the emphasis on choosing youngsters for high office in the Congress party.

“The old horses have their value. It is good to have mixies and grinders and other modern amenities in the kitchen. But let the old kitchen implements remain in a corner. They will be of use when the mixie or grinder is under repair,” he said.

Former KPCC president K. Muraleedharan, who delivered the keynote address, said that the State Government was in the grip of a mafia after pushing through the Kerala Wetland and Paddy Conservation amendment bill.

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