The victim had caught one of her close friends in a compromising position with another which triggered a scuffle between them.

The Mumbai police have initiated a probe into the alleged murder of a 19-year-old girl who was attending a rooftop party in Khar on New Year’s Eve. The police have detained two of her friends – a man and woman, aged 22 and 19 respectively, – in connection with the incident.

An officer said that the Khar police received a call around 2.30am about a girl’s body being found at Bhagwati Heights in Khar (West). On reaching the spot, the police found the body of one Jahnvi Kukreja. The victim was rushed to hospital where she was declared dead.

Preliminary investigations found that Kukreja, along with seven others, all college students, were attending the party at a friend’s place. There she had caught one of her close friends in a compromising position with another below a water tank on the terrace, and confronted them, said the police based on the statements of the other attendees.

In a fit of rage, Kukreja left the party and started walking down the stairs, her friends told the police. The duo followed Kukreja and they got into an argument. “We suspect that at that point, they got into a scuffle and the duo pushed her following which she fell on the stairs and hit her head on the ground that caused bleeding. Eventually, she succumbed to her injuries,” the officer said. The police added that since they do not have any CCTV cameras inside the building or any witnesses, they still do not know the finer details of how Kukreja sustained the fatal injuries.

He added, “We have, however, found CCTV footage outside the building that shows the man, detained by us, leaving the building with some injuries he may have sustained in the scuffle. We have also found bloodstains on the stairs.”

A senior officer said, “We are questioning the detained. We will be able to reveal more details once things are clear.”

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