Staff shortage at UVCE

Sir, — This is in reference to the report ‘UVCE plagued by staff shortage’ that appeared on these columns on July 14. The wide gulf between the sanctioned strength of 200 teaching faculty and the filled posts of 96 makes things difficult for the students who are pursuing BE at UVCE. The fact that for the past two decades, UVCE has been functioning with skeletal teaching faculty is unfathomable. It is mind-boggling how 96 lecturers are being forced to carry out the job of 200. The authorities need to take note of the issue by recruiting lecturers.

H.P. Murali,


Need electric buses

In order to improve air quality in the city, the BMTC should start introducing electric buses in a phased manner. That would reduce the noise level and save diesel too.

Electrical charging points could be located at the various bus terminals so that there is minimal delay in putting the vehicle back on the street. It may be necessary to increase the ticket price initially, but after a while it could be brought back to the old level without burdening the customer. The government, both at the State and the Centre, should provide liberal incentives for the BMTC to go electric as early as possible.

D.B.N. Murthy,


Ban plastic use

The decision of the Department of Technical Education to ban plastic at engineering colleges and polytechnics is welcome. A similar ban should be imposed in all other institutions and hostels also. At present, food caterers supply water in half-litre plastic bottles to guests and use plastic cups for sweets etc., building up a pile of garbage near marriage halls and temples. Use of half-litre water bottles leads to wastage of precious water as well. The government should impose a ban on supplying water in bottles and on plastic cups and plates at weddings and other public functions.

P.R. Balakrishna,


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