Nagnur Rudrakshi Mutt seer Sri Siddarama Swami has refuted the charge made by Sri Veerasomeshwar Swami of Rambhapuri Mutt that some Lingayat swamis were dividing the community.

“No one is trying to divide Hindu religion or trying to create fissures in Lingayat community. Trying to get religion status for Lingayat is not an attempt to divide Hinduism. Lingayat is a non-Vedic religion. It is the purest form of a belief system. Trying to get Constitutional status for the religion should not be perceived as dividing the community,” he said.

He was reacting to charge by the Rambhapuri Mutt seer who said that some swamis were trying to divide Lingayat community by raising irrelevant issues such as creation of a religion. The Rambhapuri swami was addressing a religious ceremony in the Hukkeri mutt in Belagavi on Monday.

The Rambhapuri Mutt did not name any swami, but he trained his guns on the Lingayat seers who were leading the religion movement. He likened them to Shakuni, the scheming courtier of the Kouravas in The Mahabharata.

“To fight such Shakunis, members of the community should don the role of Veerabhadra, to protect Dharma,” he said.

In response, the Nagnur Mutt seer said that swamis who are opposed to the movement should not try to create confusion in the minds of the people by spreading false information about it. He urged the heads of mutts to set aside their egos and elitist lifestyle and join the movement demanding religion status to Lingayat.

Such a self-respect movement is bound to face opposition from the priest class, the ruling class and the capitalists. Leaders and activists of the movement should understand this and move ahead, the Nagnur Mutt seer said.

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