Neighbours and relatives of the 11 people who were found dead in Burari on Sunday said the family “did not have problems with anybody”.

“They were very friendly people. No one felt any animosity towards them. There were no signs of trouble,” said Ketan Nagpal, a friend of the family.

“Their daughter Priyanka had gotten engaged on June 17 and was going to get married next month. I cannot imagine what led to this,” said Mandeep Oberoi, a relative.

Plywood store

The family ran a plywood store on the ground floor of their house. Pappu (29), a labourer who works in the store, said: “Work had been stopped for the past couple of days but there were no financial troubles.”

Neighbours claimed that electricity had been cut in the middle of the night, however, no sounds of struggle or suspicious activity were heard

Satbir Singh, who works at a gurdwara nearby, said: “They were very pious people. We are all shocked at what has happened.”

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