Conciliation has emerged as an alternative method for resolution of disputes among micro, small and medium enterprises in Rajasthan with the matters, mostly relating to payments for goods and services, being disposed of in the meetings held regularly during the last six months.

The Rajasthan Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council has intervened in the disputes and invited applications from entrepreneurs for getting relief. Over 95 matters were resolved at the council’s 41st meeting held here earlier this week, as the two sides arrived at a settlement through conciliation.

Relief under MSME Act

Industries Commissioner Krishna Kunal said here on Wednesday that the enterprises not getting payment for their goods and services in 45 days could submit their plea to the council for getting relief under the provisions of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.

The party not making the payment is directed by the council to pay the original amount along with interest to the applicant. The council is headed by the Industries Commissioner, while its convenor is the representative of the State-level Bankers’ Committee.

The council heard a total of 181 cases in its meeting and disposed of over 95 matters, which included the cases in which the entrepreneurs were not getting payments from the purchasers based in far-off States such as Uttarakhand and Kerala. The council also issued specific awards in three cases.

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