Rights Education and Development Centre (READ), an NGO, that works for education of children and eradicating inhumane practices against marginalised community wanted the Trafficking of Persons Bill, 2018, to be passed in Parliament in the current monsoon session. In a representation to the Central Government, the NGO said that the country does not have a comprehensive law on human trafficking and the Bills is seen as a first step towards building systems and laws that protect vulnerable people from being enslaved and exploited.

Though the Bill addresses key holes in existing legislations such as the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, The Bonded Labour Act, section 370 and other IPC sections, it is much significant to be made into a law for three reasons.

The first is it penalises labour trafficking.

The second is that the law provides legal rights to survivors of human trafficking, for their rehabilitation. The Bill makes government officials accountable and penalises for their wilful negligence and dereliction of duties.

The third one is that it mainstreams the issue of human trafficking into governance. The NGO said that only by passing the Bill into law, rights of women and children can be protected.

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