The rainfall so far this season displayed varied intensity in different districts of old united Adilabad this monsoon but has remained normal for all of them. The highest of 69% excess than normal was recorded in Adilabad and Kumram Bheem Asifabad district while Mancherial and Nirmal received rains where the deviation was 24% and 19% above normal average.

Against a normal of 324 mm of rainfall since June 1, Adilabad received 547 mm with two of its 18 mandals, Gudihatnoor and Indervelli recording over 100% in excess. KB Asifabad received 531 mm of rainfall against as average of 314 mm. Mancherial district did qualify as having received excess than normal rainfall as it received 399 mm., which is 24% more than the normal 321 mm. Rainfall, which is more than 20% of the normal quantum, is considered to be excess. At 359 mm, Nirmal recorded about 14% more rainfall than the average of 258 mm for the duration in question. This had an impact on inflows into irrigation project in the district. Swarna project in Sarangapur received only 0.244 tmcf of inflows since July 8.

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