Come poll season and it’s time for change. Not just within a party’s organisation, but also in some cases uniforms. Like the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), which changed its uniform by replacing khaki shorts with trousers in 2016, the Congress’ cadre-based organisation and grassroots frontal wing, Seva Dal, has decided to ditch the khadi shirt and trouser and go for jeans, T-shirt and caps.

From August the youth brigade of Seva Dal will be seen in blue jeans, T-shirts and P-caps.

“Based on suggestions received and discussions held at the training sessions, it has been decided to change the dress code. The youth brigade will wear jeans, shirts and caps. The dress code for senior workers will remain white khadi shirt, trouser and Gandhi topi (cap),” said All India Congress Seva Dal chief organiser Lalji Desai.

He said the new dress code will be applicable for those between 18 and 45 years. “Jeans is a symbol of hard work. We have to work hard and among the masses,” he said.

Desai said that Congress party president Rahul Gandhi has asked the Seva Dal to connect with new members and serve the masses. “Seva Dal is not a rigid institution. We are ready to change to achieve our goal. We are preparing our workers’ database and at present, we have around 1.50 lakh members,” he said. Gandhi has given complete autonomy to Seva Dal, he added.

Speaking on change, he said, “We have already stopped saluting party leaders or touching their feet. Our salute is reserved for the Tri-colour. The decision to stop saluting leaders was taken by Rahul Gandhi.”

“We will organise camps in Rajasthan, where electoral issues, such as employment, education etc, will be discussed. A campaign will be launched for a massive outreach programme to connect with the masses, especially the youth,” said Desai.

A senior Seva Dal leader said that the new dress code will attract youths towards the party.

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