Continuing with its transgender-friendly initiatives in the State, the Motor Vehicles Department has decided to make available all services offered to citizens to transgenders as well.

Henceforth, all application forms, including those submitted online, for various services offered by the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) will have options for male, female and transgender.

From August 1 this year, the transgender (TG) option will be reflected in the driving licence to be issued by the MVD in the State. Transport Commissioner K. Padmakumar said the changes needed would be made in the software of the department.

With this decision, transgenders can also apply for all class of driving licence in the State. Like others, TGs will have to undergo learner’s and ‘driving tests and fullfil all the prescribed norms to get the licence to drive the motor vehicles of their choice.

Changes will also be made in the application form for conductor licence to enable TGs to secure licence issued by the MVD. This will come into effect soon and the software for issuing conductor licence will be modified.

TGs having valid driving licence already can include the entry TG in the licence if they submit applications directly to the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) concerned. The proof of identity issued by the Social Justice Department should be enclosed while applying to the RTO.

The MVD sees the initiative as a big step towards ensuring social justice to all in the State, the commissioner said. Those getting driving licence for driving two-wheelers and four- wheelers can also use it as a proof of identity like other citizens.

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