Former president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union Kanhaiya Kumar has alleged that the BJP government is collecting taxes from the poor and depositing the same with foreign countries. He said non-performing assets (NPAs) of banks in India had crossed Rs. 10 lakh crore during the BJP rule.

Speaking at the Muslims Atmagourava Sadassu, organised by Muslim Hakkula Porata Samithi (MHPS), here on Friday, Mr. Kumar said the BJP was maintaining silence on the series of murders, including that of Rohit Vemula and Gowri Lankesh, for which it owed an explanation to the public.

He alleged that some big industrialists and influential persons were borrowing huge sums from banks and were escaping to foreign countries with the alleged blessings of those having connections in the Union government.

He questioned what was the point in making the slogan ‘Make in India’, when all the projects were being given to other countries. He demanded that the government cancel the Rafale deal and bring the culprits to book.

The MHPS leaders alleged that the successive governments had failed to do justice to Muslims and demanded 15 MLAs and one MP seat in A.P. in the coming elections. They said the so-called cow protection committees were emboldened to kill innocent persons from the minority communities as the Centre refrained from taking any action against the miscreants.

Vijayawada Parliament Member Kesineni Srinivas (Nani), CPI (M) State secretary P. Madhu, CPI State secretary K. Ramakrishna, MHPS honorary president Sameer Hussain, State president Khaza Vali, AP Police Housing Corporation chairman Nagul Meera and other spoke.

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