is the umpteenth time that Raj Tarun has been named Raju in his films. The actor essays the role of a customised bike-maker. The profession is the only unusual aspect here, the action-romance is a bag of over-used tricks in a boy-meets-girl tale where love sparkles and the hero rises to resolve an organ-trade conflict.
banks on humour (read friend-smacking) and sentiment to romp home. Annish Krishna’s wit worked in
Ala Ela
, the screenplay in his second film is too old-school to make an impression.

To give credit where it’s due,
, set in Anantapur, builds the Rayalaseema backdrop with aplomb, minus the usual factionist trappings. Raju’s profession as a customised-bike maker forms a key link to the story, the detailing though remains perfunctory.

All we see are conversations between Raju and his friends on the various ways to impress a nurse Charitha (played by newcomer Riddhi Kumar), who he met at a local hospital after suffering a bullet injury.

Raj Tarun and Riddhi make a good pair, though the director Annish Krishna finds absurd ways to build their relationship.

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