As Tamil Nadu Assembly Petitions Committee will hold a sitting in Ariyalur soon, individuals, institutions or associations can send their petitions on public grievances before August 13.

Petitions must relate to a matter of public importance. They may relate to public grievances which are pending disposal for many years with government departments. A petition should contain only one grievance relating to one department. Individual grievances, matters pertaining to pending court cases, applications seeking employment, pattas, old age pension, bank loans, transfer of government servants and government servants’ grievances would not be entertained.

If a petitioner sends more than one, the committee will consider only one petition which is most important.

Enquiries would be made with officials and responses to the petitioners would be sent through the Collector’s office. Five copies of the petitions in Tamil with signature of the petitioner/petitioners and date should be sent to the Chairman, Petitions Committee, Tamil Nadu Assembly, Chennai 600009, Collector M.Vijayalakshmi said in a release

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