Panic gripped students of a college here on Wednesday after a few labourers clearing the bushes on the college premises reportedly saw two panther-like animals running away from the bushes.

The police said the management of S.T. Hindu College here had hired a team of 10 labourers to clear the wild growth on the vacant land behind the college. Even as they were working on Wednesday, some of them reportedly saw two animals, looked like panthers, running away from the four-feet tall wild grass bush. As the labourers informed the college authorities, they alerted the Forest Department personnel and the fire and rescue services department.

When the Bhoothapandi Forest Range Officer Dhileepan and his team searched for the animals, they could not find any wild animal there. After examining pug marks collected from the spot, the forest personnel opined that the animal could be a well grown jungle cat. As tension prevailed on the college premises, a day’s holiday was declared.

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