The traffic situation in Pauri Garhwal district is likely to become worse, as unhappy with his transfer to the district from Dehradun, regional transport officer (RTO) Sudhanshu Garg has knocked the door of Uttarakhand high court against his transfer.

It was in Pauri Garhwal district, the Dhumakot bus accident took place on July 1 claiming lives of 48 people. The region is functioning without an RTO since July 5.

At present, assistant regional transport officer (ARTO) Dwarika Prasad is heading the operations of the Regional Transport Office, as the new RTO is yet to take the charge. Former Pauri Garhwal RTO Dinesh Chandra Pathoi, who was transferred to Dehradun, has already taken the charge.

“There is a state of confusion among the staff, as RTO is still to take charge of the office even after the transfer order was made on July 5. We have been told that the new RTO is on medical leave due to which he is unable to join. However, we have received no written communication on this regard,” said an official of the Pauri Garhwal Regional Transport Office, on the condition of anonymity.

“In the absence of new RTO, the ARTO has to look after the work and represent the Regional Transport Office in matters pertaining to court,” the official added.

“The Regional Transport Office is an important government office, which has many important works to do each day. Moreover, Pauri Garhwal is a big and important district of the state and if it lacks an RTO, one can only imagine the operations of transport department here,” said the official, adding that, “Even after a major accident in the district few days ago, the transport department is not serious enough on the issue.”

Speaking on the issue, assistant transport commissioner Sunita Singh said, “The issue is not in my knowledge, as I am out of station. I would have to seek report on this whether Garg has taken charge or not.”

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