The State government has initiated the exercise for submitting a memorandum to the 15th Finance Commission.

Chief Secretary S.K. Joshi has instructed all the department heads to submit required information pertaining to their departments to the Finance Department for it to prepare a memorandum after understanding the needs of financial grants of various departments.

He directed the officials of Panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, Revenue, R&B, Education, Agriculture, Commercial Tax, Energy, Rural Water Supply, Health etc., to prepare performance indicators for their flagship programmes and also expenditure, fund allocation and requirement, development achieved so far and funds allocated previously among other things.

The State government is keen that the departments should strive to get performance based grants to various prestigious programmes under implementation like road construction, Mission Kakatiya for revival of tanks, Mission Bhagiratha for piped drinking water supply to every household, Haritha Haram to increase green cover, setting up of residential schools, creation of new districts as part of reorganisation, increasing jurisdiction of GST network, population control. Every department, Mr. Joshi insisted, should formulate performance indicators.

With representatives of local bodies seeking more funds, special focus should be bestowed on grants to local bodies. All the welfare departments have been asked to prepare their reports in a uniform pattern. The departments concerned should include tourism circuits, heritage conservation, measures to rev up economy, disaster management, farmers’ loan waiver, farmers’ life insurance, Rythu Bandhu investment support scheme, electricity supply and achievements of government in various sectors, industrial progress etc., in their reports. This will help the Finance Department prepare a overall memorandum to be submitted to the 15th Finance Commission headed by N.K. Singh that will decide on devolution of funds and special grants for the next five years- 2020-25. Some officials said that each department will list out key projects and programmes that are to be funded and also analyse gaps in implementation of programmes.

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