Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has asked the police to initiate action against those who launched a cyberattack on Hannan, the student who sells fish in the city after college hours to support her family.

Ms. Hannan has been in the limelight after a regional daily published her story. Though it became an instant hit online, the story later drew an equal wave of outrage. A section of the people termed it a cooked-up story and unleashed a verbal assault on her and the publication.

An emotional Hannan later clarified that she was just a poor girl who was working hard to eke out a living.

A press note issued by the Chief Minister’s office on Friday said Mr. Vijayan had instructed the Ernakulam District Collector to provide protection to Ms. Hannan.

Earlier, in a Facebook post, Mr. Vijayan had offered all support to Ms. Hannan in her effort to stand on her own feet. Her attempt was to be the pillar of strength for her family.

Anyone who knows anything about her life would feel proud of her.

“Hannan, go ahead with full confidence. Do not lose the confidence you have shown in facing difficult situations. Entire Kerala is with you,” Mr. Vijayan said.

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