IT firms told to ensure staff exercise their franchise

Chief Electoral Officer Rajat Kumar asserted that polling day, December 7, would be a paid holiday in the entire State in line with the directions given by the Election Commission of India and “this is non-negotiable”.

The Information Technology and other firms have been advised to explore multiple options available in this direction to ensure that their employees are facilitated to exercise their franchise. “This is the most educated and forward looking section. Given the huge presence of these professionals, their votes can decide the destiny of the contesting candidates,” he said.

The CEO held detailed discussions with the heads of IT firms working under the aegis of Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) exhorting them to ensure that their employees were not denied the opportunity to cast their votes. A public holiday was declared for government offices, and its institutions, including educational institutions, on the polling day. “The country and democracy are first”, he said even as the IT firms expressed hesitation to observe holiday throughout the day on December 7.

He said the election authority had requested the managements of the IT firms to enable their employees discharge their duties as responsible citizens. The IT leaders assured the CEO that they would take steps to facilitate their staff to fulfil their responsibility on the polling day. The IT firms represented that Saturday and Sunday would be holidays in the US, the UK and Australia from where a major portion of their business came and declaring holiday on Friday too would impact critical business. SCSC secretary Bharani Kumar Aroll said they would give half-day holiday or permission for employees to cast their vote at some point of time. Efforts would also be made to deploy vehicles to carry the professionals to and from the polling booths.

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