Hailing it as a “monumental law”, Minister of Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad told a press conference the “widest parliamentary consultation” will be held and the report and draft law will go through the process of inter-ministerial discussions and the Cabinet as well as parliamentary approval.

Justice Srikrishna stated that this report is the first step towards data protection and as technology changes, it may become necessary to fine-tune the law. The report and the draft Bill are “like buying new shoes. It will be tight in the beginning but will be comfortable later,” Justice Srikrishna said.

He, however, did not comment on Aadhaar as the issue is sub judice. Asked about ownership of data, he said the committee has not treated data as property as the relationship between the individual and entities with whom the individual shares his personal data is one that is based on a fundamental expectation of trust.

Appellate Tribunal

The draft Bill, which has recommended that a Data Protection Authority be set up to prevent misuse of personal information, also provides for setting up an Appellate Tribunal.

On right to be forgotten, the draft states that data principal will have the right to restrict or prevent continuing disclosure of personal data by a data processor.

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