Citizen activist, Satish Khot will be presenting his play Cafe Alibaba at Gyaan Adab that highlights issues faced by the youth. Cafe Alibaba, a six scene play written by Satish Khot is set in an old Irani cafe and talks about the struggles and aspirations of young people. It is directed by Anub George. On what prompted him to take up the issue of young people and their problems, writer Khot says, “There has been a substantial change in the working lives of young people as compared to what it was a generation ago.

Working at odd times, sometimes all night long, well paid, independent, is the pattern. They are comfortable with their co-workers of the other gender and brashly confident. But under all that there is an emptiness. I just wanted to bring out the dynamics of these relationships.”

While gathering references for the play, Khot prefers talking out the conversation and then putting it onto paper. He said, “After putting it on paper I read it once, then again and again, till I get a feeling that there is truth in it. It took me five drafts and I have nearly doubled the number of words in the first draft to get the final version.”

He adds, that stories are far different from plays as, in fiction, the author can build a character or a scene by explanation and commentary. In plays there is only the action and conversation; there is no authorial guidance. The audience must judge the characters and situations by what they see and hear.“I think we are very lucky with our research needs, as information is easily available on the Internet. Can you imagine how time consuming it must have been before the internet?”.

On his forthcoming works, he shares that he already has rough sketches of a couple of more plays and also several short stories ready to be polished as well as ideas for new ones. “I write in pencil a rough structure of whatever story/ play idea comes to mind. And then I start to type. Sometimes I don’t know how it will end. Or the story moves by itself into a different route”.

What:Cafe Alibaba

Where: Gyaan Adab, Kalyaninagar

When: December 21, 6:30 pm

First Published: Dec 16, 2018 16:52 IST

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