Schools in the rural parts of Pune district reopened for classes 9 to 12 on November 23 following all safety precautions, however, attendance has still been very low. So, in a bid to provide an assurance to parents, the Pune Zilla Parishad (ZP) education department has decided to take responsibility for students’ safety coming to schools. If a student is found Covid-19 positive while attending classes, his/her treatment will be undertaken by Pune ZP.

Pune ZP vice-president Ranjit Shivtare, said, “Schools in Pune district reopened after a long break and it was noticed that the number of students attending the school on the first day was very less. So, to encourage students to come to school, we have decided to take responsibility of students coming to attend classroom lectures. We have already taken all the safety precautions in the schools across the district with sanitisation, thermal scanners, social distancing and compulsory face mask. Also, all the teachers have undergone Covid-19 test and those found positive have not been allowed to attend the school.”

“If any student still gets infected while attending school, we will be taking their responsibility. The cost of the student’s treatment will be borne by Pune Zilla Parishad. So, I appeal to all the parents to send their children to school,” he added.

Sakharam Pangare, a parent from Saswad, said, “I have two daughters and both of them are not willing to go to school due to fear of Covid-19 infection. We also don’t want to risk their lives, but teachers are appealing to come to school. So, we are not yet sure about sending them to school, however, it is good that now Pune ZP is taking responsibility of the safety of students.”

On record

Total number of schools in Pune rural area – 1,246

Schools which have reopened – 215

Total number of teachers – 11,033

Non-teaching staff – 4,821

Total number of students – 2,38,041

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