Congress president Rahul Gandhi met film-maker Pa. Ranjith, who has made successful and critically acclaimed films such as
, at the former’s residence in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Speaking about the meeting, Mr. Ranjith said that close aides of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi reached out to him and invited him after seeing his films. “The meeting didn’t have anything to do with party politics. However, we had a lengthy discussion about the current state of politics and art and how art can be used for social progress,” Mr. Ranjith said.

Further elaborating on the meeting that took place for close to two hours, Mr. Ranjith said that Mr. Gandhi was keenly interested in the impact of caste-based discrimination and bias and the state of Dalit politics in the country.

“He spoke without any sort of expectations and did not for once bring up the idea of me working for his party. The whole meeting was simply about political discourse existing in the country and about the problems facing the people of India,” he added.

Mr. Ranjith also said that Mr. Gandhi assured him that his party would not stand in the way of release of those who have been convicted and imprisoned in jail for the last 27 years in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. “He said he would support their release,” Mr. Ranjith said.

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