Works on the Kaleshwaram project, particularly the components that are essential for supplementation of water to Sriramsagar ayacut below Mid Manair reservoir, are on the course of completion in spite of some hiccups as their progress moves closer to the intended stage by this month-end.

According to the project engineers supervising the progress of work, although the work on three barrages at Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla and their pump houses has taken a hit for the last couple of days due to rains and increase of flood in the river, works in Packages 6 to 8, including two pump houses, work on all the components are going on unhindered. Rains in the catchment areas of tributaries Kaddam and Pranahitha have brought flood to Godavari since it was high only after the confluence of Pranahitha at Kaleshwaram.

Trial run

Towards the completion of installing three motors in the pump house of Package-8 by July-end, rotor fixing in the second pump was completed five days back and the balance work to make it trial-run ready are in progress, officials of the work agency said adding that work on pumps four and five were already completed and they are ready for trial run.

“Pumping of water is, however, unlikely to begin from July-end as pumps one and three in Package-8 are scheduled to be completed only by September-end. The pump house has five pumps at one end and the remaining two at another end of the twin tunnels carrying water from Yellampalli reservoir,” officials involved in the execution of works stated.

Not only that but excavation of one of the twin tunnels in Package-7 is also yet to be completed due to sluggish progress following the problem of seepage due to loose soil causing mud-sliding there. In spite of personal supervision of a tunnel expert from Himachal Pradesh, work has not been making desired progress and about 60 meters excavation is yet to be done.

Diversion of water

Irrigation officials, however, stated that at least two-three pumps each at the pump houses of Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla barrages would be completed so as to start pumping water by the year-end. Although work on the barrages including fixing of gates is in progress, the level of water flow in the river at Medigadda allows diversion of water to the pump house in the present condition itself.

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