On Saturday, a happy Satyashri Sharmila returned home near Chengalpet after she enrolled as an advocate. The first transperson in the State to have enrolled in the Bar Council, she completed her law degree in 2007 from the Central Law College in Salem.

Accompanied by her friends she was at the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in the morning. “I have not yet decided where to practice or under whom to work as as a junior. So far, I was focussing only on my enrolling. I have to think about my next course of action,” she said.

After completing her course, she wanted to enrol only as a person belonging to the third gender.

“When I applied at the Bar Council, they asked me about the delay. But when I explained they said they would extend all help to me,” she said.

Larger vision

Terming the enrolment as a big step in life, she also said it was a victory for people in her community. “I want to work for my community and help future generations. I will strive hard to make sure that the third gender is accepted in society,” she said.

Her journey has not been an easy one. After completing her corporate secretaryship in Paramakudi in Ramanathapuram, she had to leave home since her family could not face societal stigma. “I have not been in touch with them ever since. When they see this news and if they feel like contacting me, I would contact them,” she said.

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