The Idukki dam clocked a history on Tuesday when the water level touched 2,375.52 ft, which is 69.3% of the total reservoir capacity. The water level rose by over 4 ft on Tuesday.

The water level the same day last year was 2,316.98 ft.

The main tributary, the Periyar, continued to be in spate despite a lull in rainfall on Tuesday. On July 17, 1985, the water level reached 2,374.1 ft, which is the highest seasonal water level till now.

1976 level

The same day in 1976, the water level reached 2,300 ft. The catchment area recorded a rainfall of 73.2 mm on Tuesday.

The water level in the Mullaperiyar dam steadily rose to131.2 ft on Tuesday. For the past four days there was an increase of two feet per day.

The Mullaperiyar subcommittee under the supervisory committee appointed by the Supreme Court is scheduled to visit the dam on Wednesday in the wake of the increasing water level.

There was heavy inflow of water into the dam and if the situation continued, the water level will reach the maximum level of 142 ft in a few days.

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