The State Women’s Commission has sought a detailed report on the alleged sexual exploitation of a woman by some priests of the Orthodox Church, and similar allegations raised by a nun against a Bishop.

Members of the panel made this announcement at a mega adalat conducted here on Monday.

The panel would bring in regulations to check the practice of defaming women who come forward to file complaints, commission members Shiji Sivaji, M.S. Thara and E.M. Radha said.

It was a welcome change that more women were filing complaints against their physical and mental exploitation. This could be due to the fact that their concerns were being looked upon sympathetically by the commission.

The panel heard six complaints regarding neglect of parents by children and referred those cases to the revenue authorities.

In one case, the panel members met an elderly woman in the car in which she had arrived at the venue owing to her inability to walk due to arthritis. The panel would be taking steps to help both the mother and son live in the same house.

Another complaint by a woman was against her father, who was accused of not taking care of her mother, a cancer patient, and his three daughters. The panel would be calling the father, a former sub-inspector of police, to the sitting the next time.

About 80 complaints were taken up on the day, of which 26 cases were settled. Counselling was advised in two complaints and 29 cases were posted for the next sitting. The adalat also received four cases of harassment at the workplace. The commission said that complaints regarding extra-marital affairs had increased.

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