Besides embracing modern technology to reach out to wider sections of people and improve service, officials helming the AP State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) are giving equal importance to good behaviour of the staff that can go a long way in winning hearts.

Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of the Corporation N. V. Surendra Babu has clearly demonstrated his stand that he will not tolerate any form of disrespect to the passengers.

Reacting sharply to a recent incident at Eluru bus stand where a senior citizen faced inconvenience due to the ‘callousness’ of the crew of the bus he boarded, Mr. Surendra Babu on Sunday sent out a stern warning to the employees, specially the bus crew, against a culture of levity.

He said development of the corporation directly depended on people and they deserved to be treated respectfully.

Inconvenience to

senior citizen

The driver of the Narsapuram-bound bus, which the senior citizen was trying to climb along with luggage, started the bus even before he was fully inside the vehicle.

The commuter registered a protest with the conductor and tried to speak to the driver Sambaiah after getting down from the bus at Narsapuram but could not as the driver was not seen around. Anguished by the treatment meted out to him, he called Mr. Surendra Babu on phone and complained that the driver had started the vehicle even while he was on the second step.

The latter summoned the conductor Veerabhadra Rao and enquired about the incident and expressed regret for the treatment meted out to the passenger. The driver of the bus is still ‘out of the reach’ of the officials.Admitting his mistake, the conductor apologised in the presence of Mr. Surendra Babu and the Executive Director.

To make sure that such things don’t recur, Mr. Surendra Babu called a meeting and made the conductor admit his fault in front of everybody. He was also made to say that he would never behave in such a irresponsible way again and treat the passengers with respect.

Mr. Veerabhadra Rao also asked his fellow workers not to allow such incidents to repeat. The whole act was video-graphed and sent to the media.

‘Lodge complaints’

Mr. Surendra Babu said anybody travelling by APSRTC bus was free to lodge such complaints either with the depot manager, the Regional Manager or with the traffic wing in the RTC House located in Pandit Nehru Bus Station or dial 9100948654.

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