The district judge, now retired, who had allegedly confined his daughter for her decision to marry a Delhi-based lawyer against his wishes, has come out with a statement saying he was disinheriting his only child.

Subhash Chandra Chaurasia, who retired as the District and Sessions Judge of Khagaria on June 30, issued a statement in Hindi wherein he accused his daughter of having been “adamant upon tarnishing the reputation of myself and my family”.

“As a father, I have always been concerned about the future of my daughter, who is my only child,” Mr. Chaurasia said and alleged that the girl was being ensnared and blackmailed by a Delhi-based lawyer whom she wanted to marry, against her parents’ wishes.

“I am deeply anguished over the recent course of events and, therefore, decided to disinherit my daughter Yashaswini,” the retired judge said in the statement.

‘Illegal confinement’

The girl and her parents had appeared on June 26 before the Patna High Court, which had ordered their appearance in person taking suo motu cognisance of a report published on a news portal wherein it was alleged that the girl had been kept in illegal confinement.

After the girl, 25 years old and a law graduate, told the court that she was not comfortable staying with her parents and wanted to stay separately, a Division Bench headed by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon ordered that she be lodged at the guest house of Chanakya Law University, Patna, which was her alma mater.

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