The Commission for the Economically Backward Among the Forward Communities will submit its report on the issues facing these sections to the government before the end of its term in February next year.

In its zonal sitting in Ernakulam on Tuesday, 13 petitions were received. The present round of consultations, held by dividing Kerala into four zones, will conclude with the sitting in Kozhikode on July 31.

The recommendations will be based on the grievances and complaints it receives during the consultations.

Social survey

The Commission said that there was a strong demand for reviewing the policy of reservation in view of the changes that had come over the social and economic environment. A social survey was being called for.

The Yogakshema Sabha wanted compensation to be paid to heirs of those who had lost land during land reforms.

There was also a demand to make free training for PSC exams available to the backward sections among forward castes.

The Commission also considered a petition that demanded special loans and training for backward sections among forward communities to launch enterprises.

Petitions for financial assistance for the protection of
were also received by the Commission on Tuesday. There were grievances over the “anxiety created by the Kasturirangan Report” among high-range settlers. Demand for a Commission to study the issues of Christian sections on the lines of the Sachar Committee was also raised at the sitting.

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