Lakshmivara Tirtha Swami of Shiroor Mutt said on Monday that he would file a criminal case over issue of the seers of Ashta Mutts not returning the idols of the presiding deity of Shiroor Mutt to him.

Speaking to presspersons here, the Shiroor seer said he would file the case at an appropriate time and was confident of getting justice. He had given the idols of presiding deities of the Shiroor Mutt to the junior seer of Admar Mutt Ishapriya Tirtha Swami and urged him to keep them at the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple on account of his ill-health. On his recovery, he sought the idols from the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple. But the seers of the six of the Ashta Mutts refused to give it, which was a breach of trust, he said.

To a query, he said, “The Paryaya Palimar Mutt, which was looking after the management of the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple had appointed nearly 50 security guards armed with guns in the temple premises,” he said.

Asked who was behind refusal of giving the idols of presiding deities of his mutt to him, the Shiroor seer said that the seers of six of the Ashta Mutts had been holding meetings in this regard, which was a known fact. “But now they have changed their tune from not returning the idols to saying that they would return the idols if the leader (Vishwesha Tirtha Swami of Pejawar Mutt) agreed,” he said.

On the condition set by seers of six mutts that he should appoint a junior seer, the Shiroor seer said that he had to decide on the matter. “The seers of the other mutts cannot dictate terms to me. There are other mutts among Ashta Mutts which have still not appointed a junior seer. Let them first do so,” he said.

The Shiroor seer said that he would not attend any meeting called by seers of Ashta Mutts. “I will not go to their meeting. The idols of presiding deities were taken from this door here when I was ill. They should return it. The blessings of Lord Mukhyaprana (Hanuman) are with me,” he said.

To a query, the seer said that normally seers kept the idols of presiding deities when they left the town (Udupi) or were ill. This was because the idols had to be worshipped and kept in purity. “They cannot be taken in flight because the idols are checked by security personnel. Someone else touching it defiles them. But the idols of some seers of Ashta Mutts have been touched by security personnel at airports and were defiled,” the Shiroor seer said.

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