The State government has granted administrative sanction for the renovation of the Chirakkal Chira pond as part of reviving the 14-acre pond on the outskirts of this town.

Rs. 2.3 crore has been sanctioned for cleaning the pond owned by the erstwhile Chirakkal royal family and to construct parapet to prevent storm water entering the pond.

The government order states that the renovation project was sanctioned as per the conditions set by the Chirakkal Kovilakam Kshema Parirakshana Samithi.

The project for renovating the pond, proposed by P.K. Sreemathy, MP, was submitted by the Water Resources Department.

“Over the past two-and-a-half years I have been trying to get this project sanctioned by the government as the conditions made by the samithi representing the Chirakkal family led to some delay in granting administrative sanction to the project,” Ms. Sreemathy said.

The project was now sanctioned by accepting the conditions, she told
The Hindu

The government order states that the sanctioned project would in no way affect the present ownership of the pond by the Chirakkal Kovilakam.

The sanction is only for cleaning the pond and not for implementing any drinking water, tourism or other projects. The pond can continued to be used by the public, the order said.

Any ornaments, or other valuable items found from the pond during the cleaning should be given to the Kovilakam for the use of private temple under the Kovilakam.

The order also says that the Kovilakam has no responsibility on removal of dredged mud from the pond.

Public use

The order states that the District Collector should ensure that the public was allowed to use the pond once the work was completed.

The pond was earlier proposed to be developed into a source of drinking water for the Kannur Corporation area.

Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac had visited the Chirakkal family in April last year and assured that renovation of the Chirakkal Chira would be carried out with the total consent of the royal family.

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