The Food Safety Department (FSD) will be conducting an awareness class for entrepreneurs of the water bottling units in the district with a view to ensure the quality of drinking water produced at these units.

According to the Food Safety Nodal Officer, Reghunatha Kurup, the district houses 14 drinking water production and bottling units.

Surprise inspections conducted by the Department have found that the water produced at these units maintained good standards. However, the inspection team had found presence of fungi in the water sample collected from one plant and production at that unit was stopped till the defect was rectified recently, he said.

Mr Kurup said the awareness class would be held at Thiruvalla on Tuesday and the participants would be made properly aware of the international guidelines for producing bottled drinking water.

He said the samples collected from various bottling units have been sent to the Central Laboratory at Mysuru too

Mr Kurup said the Food Safety squads have examined the fish at the fish markets of Kumbazha near Pathanamthitta and Kadakkad near Pandalam using the quick detection kits.

He said the quick detection kits were found to have been of very good quality that turn blue in the presence of even a very small amount of formalin in it.

The Department has collected fish samples from 22 vehicles and no formalin was found in the 33 samples collected on Monday, he said.

Mr. Kurup said the Food Safety Department has been conducting inspection of fish brought to Kerala from outside at various check-posts too.

Mr. Kurup said the inspections carried out by the Department has detected adulteration in two brands of coconut oil and the State government had banned both these brands, later.

He said the public were free to share information on food adulteration with the Food Safety Department.

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