Bullied online for writing to the government against having a film star as chief guest at the State film awards event, actor Sajitha Madathil and director Bijukumar Damodaran have deleted their Facebook pages.

Interestingly, Dr. Biju, as the director is known, was a member of the jury that selected this year’s State film award winners.

In a short Facebook post on Saturday, Ms. Sajitha said she did not have the health or mental disposition to endure attacks from the “private virtual armies of super stars” and was therefore deleting her Facebook page. Her profile page would also be deactivated for the time being, she said.

From among the signatories to the petition submitted to the Chief Minister, Dr. Biju was handpicked for cyber assault, abuse and caste slur.

In a post on July 25, he said he was being abused, threatened and subjected to character assassination by diehard fans of film stars, besides some members of the Malayalam film fraternity itself.

“There’s no point in filing a case either, in the present circumstances. So deleting the page is the only means to overcome this. I’m also getting abusive and disparaging calls. I realise that in cultured Kerala, ordinary people are alone when targeted with organised abuse and caste slur,” he said, maintaining the attack would not silence him.

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