Mr. Kannappan said private schools shall not engage private agencies on commercial terms or have any kind of tie-up with private agencies on commercial terms to conduct special coaching classes during school hours on the school premises.

The proceedings point out that such action would violate the purpose of the education agency — a trust or a society — which should at no point resort to profiteering, directly or indirectly.

Schools must also abide by the National Council for Teacher Education rules. Failure to do so will be violative of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE).

“It is expected that the teaching should not promote one particular career option without realising the aptitude of students,” the circular read.

One of the conditions stipulated for grant of recognition is that the school shall not collect fees or donations compulsorily other than those permitted by the competent authority.

This means that the schools cannot collect fee in excess of what is fixed by the Private Schools Fee Determination Committee or notified by the schools, it pointed out.

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