A security guard was found dead under mysterious circumstances inside the water tank of a house in East of Kailash in south-east district on Sunday.

The police said the family that owns the house was out of India at the time of the incident and their son lives in Gurugram. The guard has been identified as Jaipal Singh.

House help’s version

Preliminary investigation has revealed that Jaipal was present when domestic help Kamla had come to work at the house at 8 a.m. on July 13.

She told the police that the main door of the building was locked from outside just as she was about to leave around 9.30 a.m and Jaipal was nowhere to be seen.

“She called the police and was rescued from the locked house. The house was searched but the guard was not found,” said a police officer.

Foul smell

When the family returned on Sunday, they detected a foul smell emanating from the house. They called the police and Jaipal’s body was found inside the water tank.

No injury mark

The body has been shifted to a mortuary. There are no visible injury marks on Jaipal’s body.

“The cause of death will only be ascertained after we get the post-mortem report. A detailed enquiry has been ordered into the matter,” said the police officer.

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