We have often heard people refusing to spend money on wedding invitations saying that it is a waste. They say they do not want to waste money on invitations because people just throw them away.

The imagination of V. Abdurahiman, MLA of Tanur and a known philanthropist, stuck on this idea of people discarding the invitation cards when he designed his daughter Rizwana Sherin’s wedding invite.

The MLA got the better of it by designing a unique but simple invitation using recycled paper embedded with seeds of flowers and herbs.

Although he followed the conventional style in the choice of words and presentation, Mr. Abdurahiman surprised his invitees by adding a footnote, directing them how to dispose of the card.

The footnote reads: “This card is printed on 100 % recycled paper embedded with a mix of flower and herb seeds. Moisten card and plant just under the surface of some soil in a sunny spot. Water regularly and wait for the seeds to grow.”

The image of watering given above the footnote is likely to compel the invitee to read it.

Giving a surprise to Mr. Abdurahiman, the 8,000-odd seed-embedded wedding cards disappeared within a few days after they came from Bengaluru, prompting him to print bundles of ordinary invites to reach out to his friends and relatives.

“Embedding seeds of flowers and herbs was such a unique idea that it went viral among the people here. His invitation, in every sense, exudes the theme of the wedding: caring for a new life,” said P.P. Abdurahman, hotelier-socialite and friend of the MLA.

The MLA too was candid in his response. “This invitation is my humble return to mother nature. If one of the dozens of seeds embedded in the card sprouts, there will be nothing more rewarding for me,” he said.

From the invite to the pandal, Mr. Abdurahiman has been keen to give a unique touch to every aspect of the wedding. The huge shamiana being raised on the grounds of SSM Polytechnic at Tirur for the Sunday event has many specialities, according to his friends.

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