When the road overbridge at Sellur was thrown open for public use a few years back, it did bring a big relief to road users by eliminating the long wait at the manned railway level crossing that was n closed innumerable times, day and night, for trains to pass through.

However, the bridge came with a casualty – the landing of the bridge in Sellur on the east side cut through the North Bank Road leaving no service road on the right side of the bridge. As a result, vehicles coming from North Bank Road from the Alwarpuram side and bound for Kulamangalam Road have to take a right turn bang on the landing of the bridge after dangerously cutting through a steady stream of vehicles coming down at great speed from the Thathaneri side.

This often led to minor but frequent accidents at this spot. After one-way traffic system was introduced on a stretch of Palam Station Road between Goripalayam junction and Kalpalam bridge, vehicles from Goripalayam junction had to take Moongil Kadai Street in Alwarpuram or through Meenakshi College Road and take the North Bank Road to reach Arapalayam or Dindigul highway before passing through the Sellur bridge.

The accidents occur more due to negligent and rash driving by people who fail to notice vehicles coming from the other side. Vehicles coming from North Bank Road also tend to hit those coming from Kulamangalam Road towards Sellur. “So far, no major accident has taken place, but frequent accidents do take place here,” an officer from the City Traffic Police said.

The number of accidents have gone up with the increase in traffic after the TNSTC diverted a good number of city buses plying between Arapalayam and Mattuthavani through the newly-laid Jayalalaithaa Bridge (Aruldasspuram) and the Sellur RoB. Besides, a lot of road users have started using this route to avoid traffic congestion at Yanaikkal, Simmakkal, Tamil Sangam Road, Madura Coats bridge and Arasaradi.

During a recent function, Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami announced an extension of the North Bank Road along Vaigai river which will provide a direct link to Kulamangalam Road by bypassing the Sellur RoB and prevent conflict of vehicle flow at the landing of the bridge.

The proposal will allow vehicular traffic from Goripalayam to go under the ROB and reach Kulamangalam Road. A highways engineer said it had been proposed to extend the North Bank Road by around 400 metres and link it to the Kulamangalam Road under the bridge at a cost of Rs. 3 crore. A retaining wall would be constructed on the riverbed and the road would be laid.

This will also help heavy vehicles coming from Dindigul highway to safely go around the roundabout on the bridge landing and take the proposed extended portion of the North Bank Road to reach Kulamangalam Road without hindering vehicles coming from Kulamangalam Road going towards Goripalayam.

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