Phalguna, the resident tigress of Kagaznagar forests in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district, has borne her second litter with three cubs presumably in March-April earlier this year.

The first of the pictures of the big cat and her cubs individually were caught on the camera trap in the second half of June in the thick bamboo mixed forest of Kadamba beat of the Kagaznagar Forest Division.

The Forest Department was quick to identify the about-six-year-old Phalguna and determine the number of cubs in her litter. The news has now spread cheer among the rather downcast forest officials in the district.

It has come at a time when they were being held responsible for the lax protection of wild animals and the resultant pathetic condition of K4, the three-year-old tigress moving in Chennur forest of Mancherial district with a wire snare around her lower abdomen. This tigress is from the first litter of Phalguna.

Phalguna could not have borne her second litter if the forest had not become safer. The credit for improving safety measures has gone to former Kagaznagar Forest Divisional Officer A. Narasimha Reddy, who was incidentally transferred out recently.

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