Auto sales continued to be sluggish this Dussehra with the registration of 5,932 vehicles on Tuesday. While this marked a marginal rise of 82 vehicles over 2018, it fell short by 2,757 vehicles as compared to the sales during Dussehra in 2017.

Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) division said that of the total 5,932 vehicles registered in one day on Dussehra, 1,515 were four-wheelers, as against 970 four-wheelers sold last year. During last year’s Dussehra, a total of 5,850 vehicles were registered, a dip of 82 vehicles compared to this year. In 2017, a total of 8,689 vehicles were registered with the Pune RTO during Dussehra.

Besides four-wheelers, a total of 3,852 two-wheelers and 565 transport vehicles were registered under Pune RTO division this year. The total revenue collected in one single day was Rs 23.19 crore, an increase by Rs 3 crore compared to Rs 20.65 crore in 2018.

During festive occasions such as Dussehra and Diwali, the RTO deploys more staff and works overtime to complete the registration process of new vehicles. Buyers too prefer deliveries on such auspicious days, resulting in a heavy rush at showrooms across the city.

“This year’s Dussehra vehicle sales are satisfactory for us, as the numbers have neither increased nor decreased as compared to last year. However, we certainly hope that these numbers will increase during Diwali. We are well-prepared for the festive season in the coming days,” said Ajit Shinde, Pune regional transport officer.

Gold sales registered a rise of 10 per cent in the city this year on Dussehra day. According to Fatehchand Ranka, president, Maharashtra State Saraf Suvarnakar Federation and director of Ranka Jewellers, “On Dussehra this year, there was a 10 per cent increase in the number of total gold sales compared to last year. Each jeweller has his own benchmarks. This year, families and women preferred to buy necklaces of different types and varieties.”

Vehicles registered on the Dusshera at Pune RTO division


Two wheelers – 3,852

Cars – 1,515

Transport vehicles – 565

Total vehicles – 5,932

Revenue collected – Rs 23,19,25,589


Two wheelers – 4,115

Cars – 970

Transport vehicles – 765

Total vehicles – 5,850

Revenue collected – Rs 20,65,00,000


Two wheelers – 5,741

Cars – 2,075

Transport vehicles – 873

Total vehicles – 8,689

Revenue collected – Rs 26,96,42,856

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