Pimpri-Chinchwad civic body should provide cupboards/ drawers or a dedicated space

I am of the opinion that two days in a month to implement the ‘No School Bag Day’ will not help children in any way. It will provide psychological satisfaction to the child that they don’t have to carry school bags, but on other days of the week they have to carry the heavy bags, which is a problem for their shoulders and back. Instead, Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal corporation (PCMC) should provide cupboards/ drawers or a dedicated space to each child in school to keep their regular textbooks or classwork notebooks.

This process will ensure that the students don’t have to carry all the books every day to school and their bags will be no more a burden to them. Library or other activities should be mandatory and be included in their weekly schedule to inculcate regular reading and other habits in children.

Mona Pandit

Teachers can do experiments on ‘No School Bag Day’

PCMC has come up with a very bright idea and going to school without bags will be enjoyed by the students. Teachers should come up with new ideas to keep students busy during school hours.

They can do experiments like teaching without a blackboard, they can ask students to dramatise the lessons they have learnt, ask them to draw pictures and make a story from it. There are so many ways to supplement classroom studies which will be possible in the two bag-free days.

The ever-increasing weight of school bags is very worrisome and so the ‘No School Bag Day’ twice a month is a welcome move and should be followed by private schools as well where some students carry strollers as a school bag.

The private schools should also follow the process and give students breathing space because otherwise students are suppressed under the pressure of studies and examinations.

Maya Hemant Bhatkar

What about private school students?

This is a very good initiative to lessen the burden of school bags, but it should be followed properly. As we know, many new initiatives launched by the government are not implemented properly.

PCMC is conducting this initiative only in PCMC-run schools, so what about private school students? Most parents send their kids to a private school.

Ganesh Pradhan

A platform to experience new things

As a teacher, when the ‘No School Bag Day’ was implemented today, I saw students arriving happily to the school. All the students were excited to take part in extracurricular activities. We, teachers, organised activities age-wise and class-wise to engage the students.

The activities were conducted in relation to the topics to be taught. The students enthusiastically took part in the various activities including drawing, reading, handcrafting, drawing, rangoli and many other activities.

This is a new platform to experience things in a classroom for the students.

Nilima Arbhune

A homework-free routine

Heavy bags affect the posture of children and create chances of spinal diseases and related afflictions.

As an adult, I suffer from shoulder pain often even though I carry just a handbag of maybe 1-2 kilogramme. It is so hard for a kid to carry the heavy bag to school and climb several floors to reach the classroom.

Hence, I think this is a brilliant move. With this, there is also a need to minimise the burden of homework.

Now, teachers have to come up with new methods of teaching, without excessive dependence on textbooks, a homework-free routine.

Many NGOs have been repeatedly appealing to the government to frame a policy for reducing the weight of the bags which is to be made applicable to all schools in the country. Finally, the ‘No School Bag Day’ is a small step towards it.

Nilesh Patil

Parents should also be involved in the activity

We welcome the initiative by PCMC. It is good to focus on extracurricular activities, but with this students should also revise what they have learnt during the week.

According to me, parents should be involved in this activity as well because they know their child in a better way, so according to inputs from parents, teachers can groom the students.

Therefore, this process would definitely encourage students to look at school learning in a different way.

Namrata Gaikwad

First Published: Aug 05, 2018 14:37 IST

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