State Police Chief Loknath Behera has ordered that supervisory officers routinely file a progress report on the headway they make or delay they encounter in criminal investigations. He expected them to submit the first report within two weeks of the case.

The progress reports have to continue until the case is charged or the final report filed.

Homicide cases

The system will first apply to the State Crime Branch Police. Local officers investigating homicide cases will also have to adhere to the directive. The reports have to come up vetted by officers up the chain of command from Investigating Officer to Additional Director General of Police, Zone, and upwards.

The State Police Chief should be directly alerted about the progress of sensational cases and those with inter-State or international ramifications.

Report’s constituents

The progress report should include the allegations in the First Information Report, the tools and tactics of the investigation as approved by the supervisor and the timeframe for charging the case or detecting the crime or arresting the accused.

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