A meeting was conducted by Nuha Mohammed Shabab, Wildlife Warden of Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary, in Srivilliputtur on Tuesday to discuss regulations and arrangements for Aadi Amavasai festival at Sri Sundara Mahalingam Temple and Sri Santhana Mahalingam Temple on Sathuragiri hills.

The festival will be held between August 9 and 12. Keeping in mind the accidents that took place in the past, officials from various departments, including revenue, police, fire service, health, transport, Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments and Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation, participated in the meeting.

Mr. Shabab said all steps should be taken to prevent any natural or man-made disaster on the hills.

“Devotees have to trek approximately six kilometres inside the forest on the authorised route from Thaniparai to reach the two hill temples.”

Devotees would not be allowed to carry plastic and inflammable materials. Members of Eco Development Committee, led by Paliyar tribesmen, would check the belongings of the devotees for those items.

People would be permitted to trek only on the authorised route during a stipulated time, and nobody would be allowed to stay overnight inside the forest, he said.

Forest department had arranged drinking water facilities for the devotees at many points on the route, he said, adding the devotees should follow the regulations to ensure personal safety and maintain the health of the forest.

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