The inspection carried out by the municipal officials here on Tuesday recovered stale and rotten food items from 13 of the 17 outlets in various parts of the town.

The operation, thus, exposed the lack of teeth in the regular exercise to check food security. The raid carried out by a four-member team of the municipality’s Health officials, assisted by the curious local people, found that the usually busy outlets dotted at Thalangara, Bank Road, Pallam, KSRTC deport, and old bus station premises in the town were supplying stale food articles to the customers visiting the town, Health Inspector K.V. Rajeevan, who led the search operations, said.

The seized stale items like frozen mango juices, chapathis, porotta, and chicken and beef delicacies kept in refrigerators for days to minimise losses. The outlet operators are usually let off after imposing fine amount in the range of Rs. 3,000 and above.

The official also found that the outlets were found to be by and large relying on over-used edible oils to prepare fried food items and snacks.

“We are not empowered to send such stale food items for laboratory examinations, as such works could be done only by the food safety officials,” the Health official said, adding enhanced public awareness alone could arrest such illegal business practices.

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