Representatives of Andhra Pradesh rejected a proposal by their Telangana counterparts to locate a telemeter near Pavitra Sangamam, at the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) meeting in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Different locations

The different locations for installing telemeters at various locations in the common irrigation projects —Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar — on the Krishna River in the second phase were discussed at the meeting.

The AP representative rejected the proposal to install a telemeter at the end of the Polavaram Right Main Canal (PRMC), saying that there was already a Central Water Commission gauge a little upstream.

A.P. was from the outset against the measuring of the Godavari Water.

Final draft okayed

The final draft of the Working Manual of the KRMB on the lines of the already approved working manual of the Godavari River Management Board was okayed by both States. Copies of the final draft of the working manual would be now circulated to both States for their final comments.

As this was a special session of the board, the issue of sharing of water for the ensuing season was not discussed.

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